How to Fix Windows 10 Keeps Restarting

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Windows 10 keeps restarting can be caused by various reasons, it could be due to after Windows 10 update or it seems that Windows 10 is having a boot loop that it keeps restarting after the system update

If you have this issue on your computer unexpectedly restart after you selected Shut-down option or put the system into Sleep or Hibernate mode then the computer not allow to log in keep rebooting. Here is you can find effective methods how to fix Windows 10 keeps restarting.

Method 1: Turn off Fast Startup  

In the most cases turn off the Fast Startup feature could helps to fix the issue Windows 10 keeps restarting

windows 10 keeps restarting
Turn off Fast Startup
windows 10 keeps restarting
Turn off Fast Startup
  1. Go to Windows Settings → System → Power & Sleep → Additional power settings.
  2. Click Choose what the power button does,
  3. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  4. Disable the Turn on fast startup feature.
  5. Save changes and shut down the PC hope the issue has been fixed.

Method 2: Disable Fast Startup via Registry Editor 

Simply press the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination on the keyboard and then select the Switch user option on the menu.

windows 10 keeps restarting
Disable Fast Startup
  1. Press Win+R, type in regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > SessionManager > Power.
  3. Set the value of HiberbootEnabled to 0.
To remove bad registry entries on Windows 10 may cause some unexpected data loss or programs function error on your PC. Please boot your PC into the Safe Mode, backup important data and create a system image before taking action.

Method 3: Disable Auto Restart

Click on the user icon in the top left corner of the Windows Start Menu and select the user you want to work with.

Disable Auto Restart
Disable Auto Restart
Disable Auto Restart
  1. Press Win+R, on the keyboard at the same time, then copy and paste sysdm.cpl into the box and press Enter.
  2. Click Settings under the Startup and Recovery section.
  3. Check the box  Write an event to the system log
  4. Uncheck the box  Automatically restart.
  5. Click OK to save changes and shut down the PC hope the issue has been fixed

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