Samsung CLP-300 Toner Cartridges

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This compact color electrostatic printer from Samsung is that the excellent acceptable several customers, however others can realize its slow printing rates frustrating, whereas others can balk at its lack of networking support.

Samsung CLP-300 Toner Cartridges

Samsung has set to separate its CLP-300 color electrostatic printer line into 2 separate models: the non-networked CLP-300 and also the networked CL-300N. This model really will suffer from its lack of networking options, that makes it a really basic printer and an honest appropriate solely the foremost utilitarian of home users. while not having the ability to attach to a network, little workplace users and business users alike can merely bypass this printer. However, while not networking, this printer will are available in significantly cheaper than different models. maybe that was Samsung’s purpose, because it makes the printer enticing to ancient inkjet users.

This compact electrostatic printer is comparatively light-weight and measures fifteen.4″ x 13.5″ x 10.4″. that creates it an excellent acceptable the common home user’s table, wherever it will simply sit in a very comparable inkjet printer’s footprint. There ar some drawbacks to its tiny kind reality, however, in terms of printing speeds. Black and telephone book of text print out at a comparatively respectable rate of concerning seventeen pages per minute. that is on par with similar consumer-level optical device printers.

Where the Samsung CLP-300 extremely misses the mark is its color printing speed. At but four pages a second, this explicit electrostatic printer is hardly associate degree improvement over competitory (and additional affordable) inkjet printer models. Considering its market is essentially the normal home users, it’s onerous to examine however Samsung wins over any new users with such slow printing rates. the general public ar trying to find a speed improvement – not the status-quo that they’ve become familiar with.

Home users may additionally be turned off by the dearth of associate degree external liquid crystal display screen on this printer, instead being given solely with crystal rectifier indicators that flash once toner is obtaining low. And this printer compromises on internal memory; it comes with simply 32MB. The network-enabled CLP-300N comes with doubly that, and it shows therein printer’s comparable printing performance. people who are wanting into color optical device printers, eyeing a switch from their inkjet models, can in all probability wish to seem elsewhere for his or her initial electrostatic printer purchase. The Samsung CLP-300 options many too several compromises to be thought-about a primary alternative.


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