HP ENVY 4510 Printer Review

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The HP Envy 4520 is Associate in Nursing all-in-one color inkjet printer that packs printing, scanning, and repetition practicality into a comparatively tiny, astonishingly cheap package. Its highlights square measure daring, top quality graphics and a pleasant touchscreen show that clearly walks you thru initial found out. On the opposite facet of the coin, it made a number of the worst text in our testing, and chuck through expensive ink cartridges at a rate that quickly negates its low cost asking price. If you are not fussy concerning text quality, this is often a awfully cheap thanks to get a home printer and scanner. However, if you print over some of times a month you may save cash on a dearer model that uses ink additional expeditiously.

With such a large amount of of} options in such a cheap package the HP Envy 4250 could be a sensible possibility for people who do not mind paying a lot for ink.

Performance Comparison

Text Quality
The Envy was one in every of the worst models for text quality that we tend to tested. It shared very cheap score of three with 2 different printers, sitting well behind the highest score of nine. It appears the Envy’s inkjets were optimized for slathering ink onto pic prints, as they heaped ink onto text with reckless abandon. The characters concluded up trying terribly robust and dark, however the sides were mussy with blotches of excess ink escaping in varied spots. This downside was particularly noticeable at smaller font sizes, that concluded up trying quite wavy and blotchy. The Envy’s text was still clean, however we tend to actually would not wish to use it to print something that was meant to appear spectacular, sort of a resume.

Operating price
Operating cost is that the one factor that will cause all of our testers to steer beyond the Envy. It attained all-time low score of two in our price testing. This was remote from the highest score of seven. Despite having a reasonably low value of entry the Envy’s black and white printing prices square measure borderline astronomical at concerning $0.08 per page or $39.47 per ream of paper. This was double the common price and, if you think about the value of paper, this is often nearly as expensive as printing at a print center. Color printing was conjointly expensive at concerning $0.11 per page or $54.55 per ream of paper, that was the second {most expensive|costliest|most pricely} color printing cost we tend to discovered. Despite its comparatively low retail value these high ink prices left the Envy with the best calculable period price that we tend to calculated, a thumping $713. this is often under no circumstances a model for those trying to print on a budget.

Ease of Use
The Envy picked up a high score of eight in our easy use testing, charming our testers far more than all-time low grading models, that all received a four. it absolutely was conjointly simply some extent off the highest score of nine. This was largely thanks to the Envy’s initial setup. The moderately sized touchscreen show guides you thru printer setup, creating it fast and simple. we tend to were printing each from computers and mobile phones virtually right out of the box. that very same touchscreen is incredibly responsive and makes it simple to navigate the Envy’s scanning and repetition functions, and to troubleshoot. It conjointly helps you to access HP’s bevy of on-line content which will be accessed directly from a number of its printers. you’ll even schedule a daily dinner instruction to mechanically print right before you get home day by day. One draw back is that the Envy’s tiny body needs an extended, retractile arm to be extended once printing to stay sheets from flowing onto the ground. This arm extends mechanically once it starts employment, however it’s thus skinny that printing over a number of pages sends sheets floating to the ground anyway. the tiny body conjointly suggests that no flash drive USB port or bypass receptacle. except for this and also the wireless property problems gift in each wireless printer, The Envy was simple and intuitive.

Graphics Associate in Nursingd pic quality was one space wherever the Envy’s to a fault liberal application of ink was an plus. It shared the highest score of seven with each other printer in our graphics and pic quality testing, putt it head and shoulders on top of the worst grading models, all of that received a a pair of. The Envy made graphics with daring, vivacious colours that showed very little to no pixelation. Photos had nice resolution and looked crisp. Even beneath our magnifier there was solely a little quantity of pixelation noticeable. the colour rendered by the Envy was the foremost correct of all the models we tend to tested. whereas its pic quality cannot rival that of a fanatical pic printer the Envy written so much and away the most effective photos in our take a look at. The one factor that unbroken it from a stronger score within the graphics and photos metric was, ironically, its text printing quality. Its text printing woes gave the impression to worsen once doing thus in juxtaposition to a graphic. This meant that the text in things like graph legends concluded up trying very dangerous, lowering the impact and quality of the graph as an entire.

Printing Speed
The Envy was middle of the pack in our print speed take a look at, grading a four out of ten. It pumped-up out pages at a rate of eight per minute once printing single-sided. this is not terribly slow, however it’s shut, and was well behind the quickest model that hummed on at twenty five pages per minute. It caught up a touch once printing double-sided, continuance in at five pages per minute. it absolutely was able to print a page, high-resolution pic moderately quick, doing thus in fifty four seconds. The Envy’s slow speed will not be prohibitory for many, however if you are looking for one thing that may spit hearth and blaze through text pages, you may wish to visualize out the horsepower LaserJet professional M402n.

The Envy lures potential consumers with its low retail value of $100, all-time low of all of our printers. At the time of this writing, the Envy was even offered on-line for even less. the advantages of this low initial value quickly dissipate if you print at any considerable volume, because the Envy chugs ink sort of a one that has finally found a spring once days within the desert. as a result of this the Envy had the best calculable period price of any model we tend to tested. Considering these ink prices the Envy could be a poor worth, and unless you merely set up on printing a number of pages here and there you’d be higher served elsewhere.

The Envy prints nice photos and is simple to use, however struggles to provide high-quality text. Its propensity to quickly burn through expensive ink cartridges suggests that it might be Associate in Nursing uneconomical alternative within the end of the day for many users.