How to Add and Connect HP Printer to Mac OS Wireless

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Add and Connect HP Printer to Mac OS wireless is available HP printer driver and software on your Mac machine using Apple Software Update. Before installing the software, turn on the printer and make sure it is connected to the computer you want to print or scan from, either with a USB cable or through your local Wi-Fi or wired network.

To set up and add HP Printer to Mac OS Wireless (Wi-Fi) network, connect the printer to the wireless network, here is tutorial demonstrates step by step how to add and connect HP Printer to Mac OS Wireless.


Before starting with this guide, make sure your HP printer wireless is on and working properly and could be connected to Mac Machine

Step 1: System Preferences

Your HP drivers automatically download and install through Apple Software Update you may configure it on system preferences. Click the Apple menu ➝ System Preferences ➝ click Printers & Scanners. (Depending on your operating system version)

Check if the name of your printer displays in the Printers list (above maybe different with yours)

Step 2: Removing an Unused Printer

Only printers that you’ll be using need to be connected to your Mac. Unused printers take up unnecessary space and might conflict with any new device that you install. You can remove a printer manually from within Printers & Scanners or with a tool like CleanMyMac X. The latter is the preferred option but we’ll run you through both methods.

Removing an unused printer manually can be deleted manually in the following way:

Removing an Unused Printer
Removing an Unused Printer
  1. Go to System Preferences → Printers & Scanners.
  2. Select the printer from the list and click on the button.

Step 3: Add Printer

Click the Use or Print Using menu, then select the name of your printer.

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