Best Catering Management Software to Grow Your Business

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Catering management software is designed to increase efficiency and effectively or save time to manage operations of catering business companies. The software helps you to manage such as inventory, delivery tracking, contract, invoicing, payment, takeout, take orders, in-house catering, outside catering and any other catering services you may offer.

Nowadays, advanced technologies are rapidly changing the Catering business or food industry and many Catering software comes from the Enterprise software industry. Due to a lot of catering software available out there, you should know exactly which one is the right option and how it can positively impact to grow your business.

How to Choose Best Catering Management Software

Most catering business owners had always dreamed of coming up with a simple way increasingly aware of the benefits of catering management solutions to track sales and expenses and then compare them to a plan for growth and profit. Many successful catering businesses have managed with technologically advanced and start using to offers catering management software solution and taking full advantage of its capabilities.

For this, we have prepared this guide that can help you to know exactly which one is the right option and what you need for catering management software before you hand over your cash.

  1. Get to know each product with Demo request or free trial. With this method, you will have the opportunity to test the important elements and you will get a good comparison of the capabilities for the software.
  2. Key features of Catering Software. There are few essential features the best catering management software should have complete modules solutions available in order to help your business in features.
  3. Documentation and future support. Make sure you will get good communication available for free such as phone, email, and social media and also offer training support
  4. Cost-Effectiveness as well be the most appealing and meaningful advantage of your business

Here is the list for the best catering software that offers all these features for your catering business.

1. Pxier Catering

Pxier Catering is a cloud-based software solution to manage your catering business, it’s using secure cloud storage and accessible anytime anywhere using a multi-platform browser or devices with internet access.

No hardware to purchase or software to install, simply login when you need. Simple yet powerful tool lets you streamline and organize day to day operations and improve efficiency. Pxier software has always been available and never had any downtime and the customer service representative always ready to answer any questions regarding software solution.

Catering Management Software
Pxier Catering

The Reasons Pxier Catering is one of the Best Catering Management Software

  • Advanced Lead Management: It allows you to create lead, load leads, add custom attributes, schedule meetings or other events and many more functionalities.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Both Quick online as well as QuickBooks installed version integration. Automatically transfer customer, transaction, invoice and payment details.
  • Payment Integration: Partnered with major payment processors like Vantiv, FirstData, Chase etc. to bring guaranteed lowest transaction rate for our customers. This integration is completely free of cost.
  • Cloud Storage: Store your signed contracts, floor plans, event plans securely on Amazon cloud storage. Never lose documents or waste time searching for them.

2. Flex Catering

Flex Catering is cloud-based, real-time catering management CRM and ERP. Software built for helping catering businesses to manage orders, production, events, customers and much more. Flex Catering also has an e-commerce platform that allows your customer easily to shop online and manage their account.

If you are focused on offering corporate and events catering, we recommended Flex Catering is a great choice for your businesses. Flex Catering seamlessly integrates with third-party software that complements its features such as accounting software, credit card payment gateway, marketing tools and more.

Flex Catering

The Reasons Flex Catering is one of the Best Catering Management Software

  • Marketing Tools: Digital marketing is one of an important tool that allows for the seamless integration between our catering software and marketing tools such as MailChimp.
  • Catering Service: Flex Catering allows the most complex tasks to become easy ones. It allows Catering Service Management to manage business operations efficiently.
  • Payment Integration: Payment gateway integration directly via the ERP or through the e-commerce website such as PayPal, eWay, Stripe, SecurePay, PayChoice, Payway and PayFlow
  • CRM: Flex Catering has a customer relationship management module. The CRM component is fully integrated into orders and products thus providing an end-to-end solution for caterers.


3. Total Party Planner

Total Party Planner is designed to help you achieve accuracy and efficiency to grow your catering business. A software streamlines your business catering operations for smart reports, organized events, easy staffing, recipe scaling, communication tracking, and so much more.

Total Party Planner has good additional services that offer a full-service solution to make your catering business much easier. the services such as credit card processing, custom reports, automating leads and capturing signatures.

Total Party Planner

The Reasons Total Party Planner is one of the Best Catering Management Software

  • Robust platform: Online catering software has you covered with an easy way for your market the platform has the advantage of accessing an integrated calendar to seamless reports.
  • Tasks and Notes: Total Party Planner has a list of tasks you need to accomplish from inquiry to closing an event can be invaluable when you are juggling a million details. The handy dashboard gives you an overview of your most immediate tasks, so you can manage what’s most important.
  • Organize Communication Tracking: Have you ever forgotten whether you sent a proposal or invoice to a client? With Total Party Planner, you can view past emails and store notes about conversations so you never have to worry about forgetting the details again.

4. Caterease

Caterease is a cloud-based software solution suitable for event planning and catering businesses. It enables users to plan and manage multiple events, create cost estimates. Caterease offers all the powerful tool features you need to simplify and organize your business operations and improve efficiency

Caterease has included key features such as event calendars, dashboards, real-time web leads, staff scheduling, menu costing, customizable fields, reporting, event management, account management, marketing, print designing, query tools and scheduling.


The Reasons Caterease is one of the Best Catering Management Software

  • Event Booking: Easily manage and handle event booking with a complete package. It helps you quickly and easily manage even the most complicated events.
  • Popular Integrations: Here is a list of some of Caterease’s popular integrations such Constant Contact, Sage, DocuSign, PayPal, Intuit Quickbooks, Email Marketing Campaigns, SocialTables, AllSeated
  • Platform Support: Caterease offers Android and iOS mobile applications, it allows you to access anywhere to Caterease program.

5. Hashmicro Catering

HashMicro is a leading ERP Solutions company providing a wide range of tailored across multiple industries. Hashmicro Catering Management Software is robust tools easy to use, customizable and packed with innovative features for catering business.

Hashmicro Catering helps to improve the efficiency of your catering business and simply manage such Inventory Tracking, Online Ordering Portal for Customers, Invoicing Management,  Scheduling Management, Courier Management and more.

Hashmicro Catering

The Reasons Hasmicro Catering is one of the Best Catering Management Software

  • Orders Management: The simple to use order portal helps your business and your customers in placing orders with the least possible effort. The front-end customer portal can be customized to match your corporate branding as well.
  • Inventory Management: Automate your inventory and manage your procurement accordingly. The inventory management tool helps you in stacking your supplies wisely, meanwhile helping you to prevent wastage from unnecessary procurement of goods.
  • Catering System Reports: Generate reports related to kitchen production, sales, deliveries and billing with our advanced reporting interface. The data driven approach delivers appropriate statistics and metrics for precise analysis of your catering operations.

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