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How to Modify Virtual Hosts on XAMPP to Get (.dev) URLs

Modify Virtual Hosts on XAMPP
There are several purposes to modify virtual hosts on XAMPP, many developers...

How to Fix Microphone not Working on Mac OS

microphone mac not working
The MacBook has a built-in microphone on the top of middle screen,...

How to Use Safari Web Inspector on Mac OS and iOS

Use Safari Web Inspector
Safari Web Inspector is a set of web development tools on Safari...

How to Cancel and Delete Spotify Account

delete spotify account
Spotify is one of the top digital music, podcast, and video streaming...

How to Permanently Delete Skype Account the Proper Way

Permanently Delete Skype Account
Microsoft doesn’t allow to permanently delete Skype account in its entirety. It...

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Best Laser Printers

Best Laser Printers for Home and Office (In-Depth Review)

There are numerous printer brands available on the market out there, finding the best...